I am dedicated to supporting and enabling the flourishing of humanity in the 21st century.

I left Stanford in 2010 to found a company that produced the Startup Genome Project and a software product called Compass.

To date the Startup Genome has collected the world’s largest comprehensive dataset of high growth early stage technology startups and released 3 highly-regarded reports that have been downloaded over 100,000 times and covered in many national publications including WSJ, HBR & PBS, adopted into the curriculum of 100+ universities & startup accelerators and inspired numerous businesses and political initiatives.

Compass has developed technology that is essentially a “data refinery” or an “analyst in the cloud”: the user puts low value data in and gets high value data back. It is currently used by more than 30,000 CEOs worldwide.

I left the company in 2013 and am currently advising a few companies & projects while laying the foundation for my next life chapter.

One of the best descriptions I have of myself is , “I am a mapmaker”.

My maps have led me to found technology companies, conduct original research in business management theory and write a variety of essays about the intersections between business, psychology, macroeconomics and philosophy.

I consider myself to be a multi-paradigmatic polymath in progress. Below are a variety of my skills and areas of expertise:

Entrepreneur. Business Strategist. Product Architect. Writer.

[Lean Startup, Customer Development], [Evolutionary Developmental Systems Theory, Strategic Foresight, Singularitarianism, Accelerating Technological Change], [Developmental Psychology, Personality Systems, Psychoanalysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Intersubjective (group) dynamics], [Integral Theory, Non-Dual Awareness & Meditation, Post-Metaphysical Spirituality, Cultural Evolution], [High Intensity Interval Training, Nutrition, Dance, Energy Management, Getting Things Done].

Like Theseus, I am trying to leave a trail to find my way back through the labyrinth. Here is my ball of string for my intellectual development and more about my personal journey can be found here.


My Project / Work history is most accurately reflected on my LinkedIn Profile.

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